Seyblu Will Make You Swoon To 26:06

by Lucy Lerner

13th June, 2021

Seyblu will make you swoon to 26:06, a glorious cloud of R&B and jazz that you can just sink into. It encompasses the mellow feeling of spring/summer with the sound of birds in the intro followed by super smooth vocals. 26:06 is about yearning to see your loved one and is particularly relatable as written during the first lockdown in 2020. Seyblu was travelling from the UK back to her hometown of Canada, counting 26 hours and 6 minutes until she could see her partner again.

And I’m counting days,
26 hours and 6 minutes, days, 26 hours and 6 minutes,
Oh we would never thought that it would be this soon,
You had a flight in 7 weeks I know,
I got home before the border closed

Seyblu has captured so much in a brief song. 26:06 feels like therapy for the soul and the visuals enhance the feeling of longing and warmth, and also the chilled vibes the song exudes.

26:06 is the lead single from Seyblu’s EP, Silk Sessions which is out on 25th June.

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