Second Place Is An Inviting Pop Song From Darragh Chaplin

by Terry Guy

24th April, 2020

Fresh, new, pop singer-songwriter Darragh Chaplin has just dropped his fourth track of 2020 entitled Second Place. It is a much welcome, quirky, endearing number, which delivers keyboard sounds unheard of from this era.

Whether it be the bright, glockenspiel-sounding note which is hit at the same time as the snare throughout or the pizzicato melody performed in the second verse, overall it is an ear-pleasing, understated piece of pop music. And the whole thing fits nicely alongside Chaplin’s clean, crisp, pitch-perfect vocal performance, which is delivered delicately at most points so that neither his voice nor the music overtake each other. There is enough for every part to have its moment, and the result is a memorable and catchy addition to Chaplin’s inviting, and accessible portfolio of pop material.

“I wanted to capture a sense of bittersweet nostalgia in this song with an upbeat, electro-pop driven atmosphere and lyrics contrasting this vibe with a more emotional, deeper insight into a bad experience” Darragh Chaplin

We are intrigued to know if there is an album on the way, consisting of more great, light-hearted synth-based songs. In the meantime, we have been listening to Second Place on repeat all week and it is out now.

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