Sea Girls

I have never seen such an audience. Pure indie landscape.

On October 10th, the British band Sea Girls put up on a hell of a show at O2 Forum Kentish Town, in London. The band has just started headlining shows, but it has to be said that they know what they are doing.

Starting with their new single ‘Violet’, Sea Girls warmed the atmosphere up for a dancing crowd who couldn’t help it but open up the pit, since it is the only way to truly be involved in this band’s music. I have been to a lot of shows in my life, but I have to say that this particular crowd has been impressive. Everyone was singing as one, they all made the band feel loved and appreciated and there was not one single boring or monotonous moment throughout the whole show.

The frontman – Henry Camamile – has shown courage and personality with his vocal delivery and stage persona, taking in the heart-warming reaction from the audience, not missing one single note and interacting a lot with the public by entering the pit and going up in the balcony section. Especially during the amazing ‘Open Up Your Head’ and ‘Call Me Out’, the environment was electric, the excitement was palpable and it was almost like the music became a person, who walked through the crowd and sang with everyone until the hearts that filled up the sold-out venue were one. The band also played some catchy unreleased songs, and we can only hope they will stay unreleased for not much longer.

‘Damage Done’ really did wonders, the place was shaking with dance moves and clapping hands and Sea Girls was having the time of their lives. Everyone was, to be fair. Every time I turned my head to admire the crowd, everybody was either dancing or being lifted on shoulders, I have never seen such an audience. Pure indie landscape.

As I said, out of all the concerts I’ve been to, Sea Girls has been one of the best. Was it perfect? No. But it was one of the most entertaining shows ever. It is difficult to put into words what this band has done live, but if there is one thing that can be said, it is that we will hear a lot about Sea Girls. This is just the beginning. They make music for arenas, music that has to be screamed and enjoyed by thousands of people at once and, after tonight, I am more than certain that it is going to happen soon.

Sea Girls live has left a glorious sign – we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this promising breakthrough band.

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