Salt Cathedral Celebrates A Decade Of Friendship And Music In Off The Walls

by Marcus Adetola

29th February, 2024

Salt Cathedral Celebrates a Decade of Friendship and Music on Off the Walls

Juli Ronderos and Nico Losada, the Colombian-born and New-York based indie pop duo behind Salt Cathedral, have crafted something special with Off the Walls. This track, a vibrant celebration of their decade-long friendship, serves as a sneak peek into their upcoming album Before It’s Gone, set for release on 22nd March.

Off the Walls stands out as a heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of Juli and Nico’s relationship, set against the backdrop of their creative process. Juli’s voice, distinct and heartfelt, pairs beautifully with Nico’s vibrant soundscapes, creating a piece that’s as lively as it is emotionally resonant. Their knack for blending catchy pop with electronic and tropical influences makes the song not just enjoyable, but engaging.

Juli shares that the song is a reflection on their evolving friendship. It’s a story about vulnerability, learning, and growing together, both musically and personally. Off the Walls is a glimpse into the duo’s journey, celebrating the harmony they’ve found in their differences and the balance they’ve achieved over the years.

What truly makes Off the Walls shine is its infectious joy and the clear bond between Juli and Nico. The song radiates energy, inviting listeners to share in the duo’s celebration of their friendship and music.

Salt Cathedral Off The Walls cover
Salt Cathedral Off The Walls cover

As the song unfolds, it’s hard not to be swept up in its uplifting rhythm, a testament to Salt Cathedral’s love for what they do and for each other. Off the Walls is an anthem for enduring friendships, the beauty of creative collaboration, and the unforgettable moments that music can capture.

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