RuthAnne’s Stand Out Single ‘Liquid’ is Dripping in Soul

by Ty Bennett

3th September, 2018

RuthAnne’s stirring single ‘Liquid’ makes us wonder why she has been hiding behind songwriting credits for the last decade. This R&B-meets-pop number is the third track from her forthcoming 2019 solo album, and it leaves its listener thirsty for more.

Although, this isn’t the first time people are talking about the Irish artist. With 1.5 billion streams accumulated for her collective work, two BMI awards and writing credits on chart-topping singles – from Niall Horan (‘Slow Hands’) to Britney Spears (‘Work Bitch’) – RuthAnne is a force to be reckoned with.

‘Liquid’ follows debut singles ‘The Vow’ and ‘Take My Place,’ which benchmark the beginning of RuthAnne’s solo career. Unique soundscapes of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Rag ‘n Bone Man and Lauryn Hill are evident influences in the simplistic production and chilling vocal work of RuthAnne’s sound.

Everything you say/I don’t let it get to me/Always like liquid off my skin/And I never let it soak in,” go the opening lines of the track, setting the scene for a song about hiding behind screens when you’re being cruel. “People seem to just talk on a surface level to each other, but then tear each other apart behind their back, or from behind a computer screen,” explains the artist.

This pithy modern theme is driven home by the steady beat of a base drum. The track is built around this base and plucky electronic guitar, which form a minimalistic instrumental score. This serves to support the strong lyrical message and bring RuthAnne’s exceptional voice to the forefront.

Verses edged with vulnerability are interspersed with powerful choruses, which only make the single more compelling. RuthAnne shows off her impressive vocal range in the latter half of the track, which is drenched in harmonies.

RuthAnne has harnessed the perfect balance of minimal synth work and electrifying vocals in ‘Liquid,’ enabling her to produce music which is both lively and poignant. This multi-talented artist is not to be ignored any longer.

You can stream RuthAnne’s new single ‘Liquid.’

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