Ruston Kelly Debuts The Music Video For Pressure

by Marcus Adetola

12th August, 2020

Ruston Kelly debuts the music video for Pressure. It’s the latest in line on his highly anticipated album Shape & Destroywhich will be released on August 28 via Rounder Records. 

There’s something about Pressure that comes across as a healing mantra which lifts the weight off your shoulders. It shines with reflective qualities woven around a mix of soothing instrumentals. The song creates a tranquil feeling funneling all your worries away. The lyrics are simple but have an appealing honesty that is highly relatable. 

Here’s a thought before it fades
Courage taught that cowards cave
Under all the pressure
But it can’t last forever
All the pressure

The music video features Ruston Kelly writing and gracefully singing to himself in quite an empty colourless room. He contemplates as time passes by from day to night.

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