Riley Pearce’s Slow This Down – An Intimate Acoustic Journey Against Time’s Tide

by Marcus Adetola

24th November, 2023

Riley Pearce's Slow This Down - An Intimate Acoustic Journey Against Time's Tide

Riley Pearce’s latest single Slow This Down arrives as a quiet and gentle rebellion, reminding us that the destination isn’t as important as the moments we savor along the way.

The song, a follow-up to his introspective How Will I Know, is a delicate acoustic piece with Pearce’s voice, clear and close, acts not just as a singer but as a storyteller, inviting us into his world of newfound fatherhood and the revelations it brings.

Slow This Down is a musical canvas where each strum of the guitar adds a stroke of colour to Pearce’s narrative. The melody is straightforward yet captivating, creating an atmosphere that’s both intimate and relatable.

From the opening lines, “Hold still, I want to get this right / Every detail / Every line,” there’s a sense of urgency, a need to capture the fleeting moments before they slip away. This isn’t just about memory; it’s about the desire to freeze time, to savour the now before it becomes then.

Pearce’s exploration of time and memory is deeply personal yet never alienating. He talks about his daughter, about watching her grow and grappling with the swift passage of time. These aren’t grandiose metaphors but simple, heartfelt observations. “You’ll grow / Quicker than my eyes know / Time has its way of running out,” he sings, a line that could resonate with anyone who has watched a child grow or felt time slip through their fingers.

Riley Pearce Slow This Down song cover
Riley Pearce Slow This Down song cover

The chorus, with its haunting repetition of “How do I slow this down?” adds a poignant touch. It’s a question without an answer, a reflection of our own helplessness against the relentless march of time.

What sets Slow This Down apart is its unpretentiousness. There are no complex layers of sound, no attempts to dazzle with vocal gymnastics. It’s just Pearce, his guitar, and his thoughts, distilled into a song that feels both deeply personal and universally understandable.

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