Reuben Aziz’s Running: A Soulful R&B Love Story

by Marcus Adetola

4th December, 2023

Reuben Aziz's Running: A Soulful R&B Love Story

The young artist Reuben Aziz from Southampton, now based in London, crafts a narrative of love and its complexities with a maturity that belies his age on the new track, Running.

In Running, Aziz opts for simplicity, allowing his voice to carry the emotional weight of the song. His dreamy vocals, rich with feeling, guide the listener through a relatable love story. Lines like “Wish we were older so we’d understand space” are particularly striking, offering insight into the challenges of young love with a wisdom that feels beyond his years.

The production on the track is understated, a choice that serves the song well. The focus on acoustic elements creates an intimate atmosphere, turning the track into a conversation rather than a mere musical performance. This approach brings the listener closer, making the experience of the song more immersive.

Reuben Aziz Running song cover
Reuben Aziz Running song cover

Aziz’s exploration of young love is nuanced, as he presents a rosy picture as well as acknowledging the struggles – the tug of war – that often come with deep emotional connections. The chorus captures the essence of longing in a relationship that’s elusive.

Overall, Running by Reuben Aziz is a compelling piece of R&B music worth listening to.

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