Remix Revolution: angelbaby’s Before You Gets An Oliver Nelson Spin

by Marcus Adetola

18th July, 2023

Remix Revolution: angelbaby's Before You Gets An Oliver Nelson Spin

angelbaby’s original banger Before You featuring PRETTYMUCH gets a vibrant revamp from the disco lord himself, Oliver Nelson.

Nelson’s remix sees him playfully dip into the infectious melodies of angelbaby and PRETTYMUCH, skillfully sewing in a funky undercurrent that takes the track to new danceable heights. His interpretation of the single gracefully merges his signature, disco-inspired grooves with a contemporary pop framework, creating an energetic earworm sure to dominate the summer playlist scene.

The song’s lyrics are a poignant introspection on a relationship, viewing it through the lens of a retro-reflective mirror. It chronicles the struggle of reconciling self-identity within the complexities of love and connection, a theme that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. The repeated line, “I can’t remember who I was before you,” is an emotion-laden mantra that reverberates throughout the song, touching on the transformative power relationships can have on our individual selves.

It’s a bold move to incorporate a personal narrative into a dance track, yet the fusion works surprisingly well. This dance-pop tune takes you on an emotional journey, reflecting on how our past relationships shape our identities while also prompting us to move to its catchy beat.

Moreover, the track harnesses the vocal prowess of pop boy band PRETTYMUCH, their harmonies weaving a vibrant tapestry throughout the song, adding depth to its overall tone. Their collective timbre adds an extra layer of soulfulness to the track, accentuating its emotive core.

Nelson’s remix of Before You perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster of past love, using music as a medium to both express and escape. It’s a reminder of how art can be both a mirror and an open door. The artist gives us a glimpse into a personal journey, yet the beat invites us to leave our troubles behind and simply dance.

In this way, Oliver Nelson continues to demonstrate his ability to turn any track into a club-ready anthem, full of danceable beats and memorable hooks.

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