If Brixton To Oxford Circus by Ramz is a freestyle, I would like to know what he has in store for a single. Do not be deceived by the R&B vocals sampled in the background that precedes the ominous bassline that sets Ramz off. As there is no let-up on the track, he goes in hard from the start. Ramz switches his flow several times on the track to maximum effect matching the tempo of the beat while narrating his finer escapades. Brixton To Oxford Circus is a fun and entertaining track that displays Ramz’s versatility on the beat produced by Likkledotz and 169.

“As soon as the beat came on, I knew what I wanted to deliver. The different flows and delivery used is something I’ve been working on a lot recently. This is me having fun and expressing myself before lockdown. I wanted to give my fans something to enjoy whilst indoors!” – Ramz

Ramz spazzes out, dropping lyrical anecdotes that put a smile on your face and make you laugh. I’m quite sure Burger and Lobster do not mind the free promotion, as that hook is catchy as hell, it’s anthemic.

Took the tube from Brixton to Oxford Circus, went Selfriges, I cleaned up
Took my young boy (for a) burger and lobster and I told him eat up
In the back of the Royce with my feet up
With my Puma G’d up

Brixton to Oxford Circus is more than a freestyle it is an absolute banger. And with it, Ramz deserves an open table at the restaurant.