Put It Down By Adanna Duru ft Mannywellz Is A Sensual Symphony

by Marcus Adetola

8th December, 2023

Put It Down by Adanna Duru ft Mannywellz is A Sensual Symphony

Put It Down, the latest track from Afropop singer-songwriter Adanna Duru featuring Nigerian hip-hop artist Mannywellz, is a vibrant showcase of musical synergy, where vocal prowess meets a meticulously crafted soundscape.

The chemistry is undeniable from the vibrant backdrop produced by Soko, Adanna’s vocal delivery, and Mannywellz verses, which add rhythmic complexity, creating a sensual and engaging sound. Her voice, rich and expressive, glides over the production with ease. The yearning and flirty quality of her delivery adds a layer of emotional depth to the track. Her ability to convey complex emotions through subtle vocal inflections is noteworthy.

The way Adanna articulates the lyrics in the opening verse, “I’m in love with someone that’s in love with someone else,” immediately sets the emotional tone of the track. Her chorus, with its repetitive and catchy “come on and put it down on me,” is both a vulnerable plea and a scintillating demand.

Mannywellz’s contribution adds a compelling dynamic to the song. His verse, characterised by a rhythmic and confident delivery, provides a contrast to Duru’s more emotive style. His lines, “Bounce on me like today was your last day / bounce on me like my love is everlasting,” are delivered with a smooth assurance that complements Duru’s passionate vocals.

Adanna Duru Put it down song cover
Adanna Duru Put it down song cover

Together, the vocal interplay between Adanna Duru and Mannywellz and the sophisticated production create a song that is more than the sum of its parts. Put It Down is a harmonious blend of voices and sounds that creates a captivating auditory experience. It’s a promising lead into Duru’s upcoming EP, NAPPY HOUR II, but also a delightful standalone piece.

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