Private Wine By FancyNormal Sends You Drifting In A Liquid State Of Bliss

by Lucy Lerner

26th February, 2021

Private Wine is the hypnotic new song from FancyNormal and listening to it feels like floating in a cloud of bubbles. Shimmering synths, looping beats and oh so dreamy vocals encapsulate you and send you drifting away in a liquid state of bliss.

“The song is about an anxious struggle of an introvert stuck at a party not knowing what to do to appear normal and draw attention to themselves and on a bigger note, finding your place (finding your dance) in life.” – FancyNormal

Private Wine features on FancyNormal’s EP Starter’s & Appetizers. The EP is toe-tappingly satisfying. It makes you think about driving in a fast car on a sultry Summer’s night or twirling around a dance floor in a haze of sequins.

Melbourne artists Noni and Jules formed FancyNormal last April during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their music is synth-soaked with nostalgic nods and flit between ethereal and danceable. Finally, one positive thing to come out of this past year!

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