President Street Releases Song Of Hope, Something To Believe

by neonmusic

7th August, 2020

President Street Releases A Song Of Hope, Something To Believe

President Street is back with a deeply personal tale about overcoming adversities and finding self-belief and assurance. Beginning with vocalist Ruby’s unmistakable honeyed tone, ‘Something to Believe’, the new single from Australian pop-fusion collective is instantly recognisable, and will instantly hook you.

The song takes inspiration from early 2000s R&B, with a nostalgia-inducing drum track accompanying a delicate piano line. The chorus is full, led by Ruby’s triumphant vocals as she professes to have found “something to believe” in herself.

The message of self-love in the form of self-exploration puts President Street firmly on the money when it comes to female artists (okay, President Street also has Pete, but we’re talking lyrics here) expressing themselves and taking a stand against the patriarchy to accept themselves exactly how they are.

‘Something to Believe’ follows the triumphs of 2018-19, when President Streets rocked the Music Week Top 5 with ‘I Found Me’, supported by a nationwide tour of the UK, performing their hits acoustically in intimate settings. Whilst COVID has clearly scuppered plans the world over – in particular, the duo were set to break Japan with a tour there having been cancelled – it’s clear that nothing will stop the creativity of this ever-evolving and intriguing duo.

Listen to Something to Believe and keep a lookout for a music video coming your way soon…

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