Premiere: Tana Drops Bold New Single Ritual

by Lucy Lerner

25th March, 2022

Rising artist Tana releases her bold new single Ritual today. Insanely catchy and empowering, it ticks all the boxes for a contemporary jam you want to have on repeat. Ritual discusses themes of money, power, success and is about being fearless. Tana’s delivery is confident and flawless.

British singer-songwriter Tana aims to change the music scene for good with her creative vision and powerful voice. She recently signed her song Savage to Sony US & Babygrande records and has released a slew of edgy and innovative tracks.

“Ritual is a song about manifesting money and wealth. I wrote this song about the practical side of manifestation – mindset and routines, and as you immerse yourself in these tasks and thoughts, you start to believe in them. Ritual is a catchy club song with attitude and it makes you feel like you own the world.” – Tana

Ritual is out now.

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