Premiere: Sweet Company Is A Bittersweet New Song By His His

by Lucy Lerner

29th March, 2021

Sweet Company is a bittersweet new song by Toronto-based artist His His. Vulnerable vocals float across crisp acoustics and an intimate, tender melody. The song is bittersweet because it is about the loss of his grandmother, a prominent figure in the life of His His and how so many things and places have altered with the loss of her presence. His His says, “At the same time, this song is an acceptance of what happened and a thank you for the time that we were able to spend together.” Sweet Company is suspended in the space between sweetness and melancholy.

His His is the project of Aidan Belo who says of Sweet Company, “I wanted to keep the recording process as simple and honest as possible, so I recorded it with just a guitar and one microphone. The stripped-back nature of the song was one that I particularly wanted to do with this track, for me, it sounded a little more personal.”

There are other personal touches throughout the creation of the song. The single artwork, designed by Aiden’s partner, is a Nordic folk-art adaptation of an aerial shot of the street that his grandmother grew up on (in Flores Island, Azores, Portugal). The date in the corner of the artwork represents her birthday and the calendar date that this single will be released.

“For those who know me well, will know that my grandmother essentially raised my brother and myself. I was fortunate to basically have 3 parents raise me, so when my grandmother passed late last year, it was devastating and came as a shock. “Sweet Company” is about revisiting the places where her presence was so prominent and feeling completely different now that she wasn’t there.” – HIS HIS

Sweet Company is far too fleeting – like a smile, like a memory. Like life itself. Hold it close and treasure every moment.

Sweet Company by His His will be released on 30th March 2021.

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