Premiere: Sink Into The Melodious Tones Of Andi Galusha

by Lucy Lerner

13th August, 2020

Sink into the melodious tones of Andi Galusha and her poignant new single Mama Gonna Tell. The piano-driven pop ballad is infused with emotion and a melancholic undertone.

The Northern Californian artist wrote the song with Thorald and Isaac Koren (Fransansisco/BRÅVES/The Kin). It is an intimate track with relatable lyrics as Andi sings to her children and encourages them to have hope as she shares her tale of how she has recovered from losing her way, “Mama gonna share some believing, I had lost my way, I’m better now.

“This is the song of a mama who is striving to live an authentic life. She is someone who wants her children to grow up seeing her full of passion and determination. A mama who picks herself up when she falls down and tries to have grace for others and herself when things go south.” – Andi Galusha

Mama Gonna Tell is warm and enveloping with stunning vocals and harmonies. Andi Galusha’s emotions flood through every note as she relays personal fears and experiences to her loved ones.

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