Samantha Tieger ticks all the boxes with her heartfelt new single Eyes Wide Open. Silky vocals float over an ethereal yet danceable beat, dream-pop feel and catchy melody. Eyes Wide Open speaks of clinging onto a breathless romance while the other person is slipping away, “I wish you could keep your eyes wide open, eyes wide open, so you can see the truth.”

Eyes Wide Open follows Samantha’s previous breakthrough single Losing My Mind. It was co-produced and co-written by Grammy Award-winning producer Ryan Petersen (Jonas Brothers), and co-produced by multiple Emmy Award-winning producer Ed O’Donnell (Friends, Beverly Hill 90210).

“’Eyes Wide Open’ was written about that feeling of someone slipping away from you. Something can seem so good and so right, and yet the other person is just in an entirely different headspace. There’s not always a lot you can do to change that, but this song expresses the desire to try. I especially wanted the chorus lyrics and melody to convey a strong resolve to not allow the other person to give up.” – Samantha Tieger

Eyes Wide Open is out now and will be featured on Tieger’s upcoming six-track debut EP.