Premiere: Redd Bewitches On Her New Single Middle Class Villain

by Lucy Lerner

19th February, 2021

Redd bewitches on her new single Middle Class Villain. It’s no easy feat for songwriters to break out of their niche and create something new every time, but Redd pulls it off with ease. Her genre-bending methods capture listeners with dramatic themes and an ambitious style. 

Middle Class Villain displays Redd’s punchy lyrics and fusion of retro and contemporary characteristics. There is the toe-tapping, head-bobbing entity that her previous release Heavyweight also captured but that is where any similarity ends. 

Redd says of Middle Class Villain, “This song is about a villainous character getting away with everyday atrocities, hence the title. This song can be interpreted in many ways, but the crux of this song fits the mold of the the album, Monsters & Mothers.”

She told Neon Music exclusively, “I think so far, MCV has been the easiest song to lay a track to, because, well, it has been the most fun to sing and perform. I think MCV is different from most because it doesn’t fall within the love or heartache category—the lyrics are my favorite part.”

It’s no surprise even more fame and fortune beckons for this young singer-songwriter as she is currently auditioning for American Idol 2021. 

Read our interview with Redd. 

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