Premiere – Lie Under LMNL’s Moonlight Cinema

by Lucy Lerner

18th June, 2020

Let Moonlight Cinema envelop your mind, body, and soul in a dreamy bubble. LMNL’s debut song creates a beautiful atmosphere with a waterfall of cascading synths before melancholic vocals bring it all together. The lyrics make you think of lying back and staring at the sky after a long, hot summer’s day, “under the moonlight cinema, seeing something I’ve seen before, I know how it ends, I know how it ends.

Simon Batten is an artist whose songs, collaborations, and music projects have been featured globally by renowned DJs and been in multiple top 20 placements in global dance charts.  Originally from Oxford, Simon moved to Florence, Italy and Moonlight Cinema is his debut single under new project LMNL.

Moonlight Cinema is a mysterious song enhanced by acoustic guitars and warped sonics which have a whimsical feel. Yet at times there is an uneasy, otherworldly feel lurking in the background. It certainly keeps you on your toes.

“I wanted to capture the heightened emotions that come from the summer heat here in Florence, when the light at sunset renders everyone at their most beautiful. The song takes its name from an outdoor cinema with neon lighting that hasn’t changed a bit since the 80s. I thought it would be the perfect setting for a coming-of-age movie from that era.” – LMNL

Moonlight Cinema is taken from LMNL’s debut 5-track EP due for release in August 2020.

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