Premiere: Lana Lubany Makes A Bold Statement With Alive In Hell

by Lucy Lerner

8th May, 2020

Lana Lubany makes a bold statement with Alive in Hell. Combining pop and rap effortlessly, the Palestinian-American shows her versatility through a bubbling rhythm, heady bassline, and relentless flows.

Alive in Hell is the first single from Lubany’s upcoming debut EP DEVIL IN MY EDEN which contains 5 one-minute tracks. The idea is interesting as you get a succulent taste of Lubany’s style, but it’s daring as it leaves you craving to hear much more of the beat-heavy track. It’s a bit like eating just a bite of a rather delicious cake and finding yourself thinking about it all day wishing you hadn’t denied yourself the rest of the slice.

In Alive in Hell Lana Lubany manages to cram a lot in just 64 seconds – you are instantly thrust into the journey and it’s by no means a slow burner. She sashays through the track with powerful, sultry vocals and infectious pop hooks.

Lana Lubany expresses herself through genre-blending and exploratory sounds in a confident manner. She’s given us a taste and we can’t wait to devour more of her music.

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