Premiere: ISY Drops Lit Up

by Lucy Lerner

5th May, 2020

Having not heard about NY-based artist ISY previously, we were intrigued. However, as soon as we heard new single Lit Up we were hooked. It is like sinking into feathery sonic clouds of dreamy harmonies and ethereal synths. Then it develops into a genre-melting bouncy pop-funk beat amongst intricate layers of eloquent R&B.

ISY is a songwriter, producer, and performer who is influenced by a range of genres, and Lit Up is a testament to that.

You physically feel lit up from the inside when you soak it all in. It’s an engaging mix of retro and fresh, youthful R&B. ISY has created an imaginative piece of music that radiates pure joy.

Lit UP is one of those songs that needs to hit the radio airwaves as it is vibrant and catchy. It’s always exciting when we come across artists that have something fresh and unique to offer up. ISY fits that bill and we are looking forward to more music from her.

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