fabian luttenbergerFabian’s track ‘Discotheque’ couldn’t come at a better time – just before a long weekend and the prospect of some sun. Even if you’re somewhere cold and dreary, ‘Discotheque’ by Austrian born DJ and producer Fabian Luttenberger featuring Jordan Corey will brighten up your day no end. It is an irresistible haze of ambient electronica with tropical flourishes – sweet drops of summer encapsulated. Alluring vocals unfurl around puffy clouds of synth and a breezy bassline.

Fabian is known for his warm sound and intriguing electronic manipulations. His previous single ‘See U Care’ featuring Alma is a perfect example. Other releases include a Mary J Blige remix and original track ‘Close’, featuring NOVAA.

Fabian’s influences stem from travelling the world and living in contrasting cities from Berlin to New Orleans. His younger years were spent in bands, but after dabbling in various instruments the enticing world of electronica beckoned.

‘Discotheque’ is certainly a very easy-on-the-ears listen and is deceptively simple at first, but then you notice the layers and textures looping endlessly. It evokes a balmy feel; crisp skies, an aquamarine ocean, burnished skin and salty, stolen kisses. Shrug off the monotony in your life, say goodbye to the week, the winter and enter Fabian’s psychedelic ‘Discotheque’ which shimmers with infinite possibilities.