Premiere: Enter The Experimental World of Jukia With Bullet

by Lucy Lerner

24th April, 2020

Enter the experimental world of Jukiavia her debut single Bullet. It revels in the cacophony of mind-warping sound effects and a mesmerizing and rather lush chorus. 

Bullet is taut with tension and promise – the visceral elements of moody pop are dismantled and put back together in an abstract way. If Bullet were a piece of art it would be a Joan Miró filled with colour and depth. 

Bullet, taken from Jukia’s forthcoming debut EP, is about a one night stand, but analysis on the experience rather than the sex.

“It speaks to the urge to better understand yourself by engaging in these brief, but intimate affairs with perfect strangers, using their stories and their raw emotions in the moment to weave together what it is to be human,”

Jukia makes a musical statement with Bullet. Her vocals lament with a diversity of sound from a creaking chair to pennies dropping on the floor and a car starting…as well as many others. It’s electrifying, engaging, moody pop you want to unravel and repeat.

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