Premiere: Ella McCready Releases Debut You Saved Me

by Lucy Lerner

13th January, 2021

Ella McCready releases You Saved Me, a delicious soul-pop soaked debut. Succulent harmonies and jazz elements gel seamlessly with buttery vocals and tender lyrics. You Saved Me is an intimate experience as it tells the tale of lost love, “I thought you loved me baby, I think about you daily, in the back of your car, where it all began.”

Despite this being Ella’s debut single, she has been singing and performing since her early teens. Alongside her career as a singer-songwriter and actress, Ella does voiceover work and performs with her soul band at big events.

“I think most people can relate to needing to be ‘released from a love they can’t out-run’ and that I suppose is what this song is for me,” Ella says of her debut You Saved Me. “A reminder that not all seemingly-good relationships are meant to be.”

Ella McCready will be performing in a virtual release gig with four other artists on Friday 15th January at 8 pm. Don’t miss out on some much-needed live music and book your tickets now.

You Saved Me will be released everywhere on the 15th January 2021. You can pre-save it.

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