“Clouds over my head, deep in my veins, over the edge”

Llargo’s new single Clouds does it exactly what it says on the tin. You find yourself drifting into a dreamlike state as you soak up the ethereal instrumentals, heady lyrics and hazy soundscape.

“I’m always searching for new ways into music and sounds, always pushing outside of my musical comfort zone.” – Llargo

Llargo is an open ensemble led by Christian De Cicco, an Italian guitarist, songwriter, and producer. The song was recorded in London and Milan, alongside musicians Ivan Segreto (synths, arrangement, programming), Lele Garro (double bass), Evita Polidoro(acoustic drums). Heidi Vogel (The Cinematic Orchestra) contributes with atmospheric and theatrical vocals.

Llargo comments on the collaboration, “I wrote ‘Clouds’ with Heidi’s voice in my mind. I’m a huge fan of the tone of her voice and I thought she would have been perfect for this song as her voice would blend really well with all the other instruments. We then met and recorded her vocals in London. What a magic experience!

Clouds lurks in the darkest recesses of your mind; it is opaque, airy, and swathed in ambient orchestrations. The tone shifts as instrumentals match the clouds as they get darker and roll and tumble over the landscape. Just before the song ends you feel a hint of the clouds clearing and sunshine peeking through. An extraordinary piece of music from Llargo.


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