Create your own narrative to Monsieur Shwill's FugaCreate your own narrative to Monsieur Shwill’s Fuga – a sweetly dramatic song with a melancholy feel. Smokey, sleepy, tortured vocals courtesy of Portugo-Angolese singer Monica Mussungo are an elegant foil to a rich orchestral wave. Fuga means to escape in Portuguese and you can certainly escape to this song – waft away with it on a warm summer breeze.

Monsieur Shwill is a Parisian film composer and trip-hop producer who has simply excelled with Fuga. It has a shadowy and dreamy melody and manages to capture the old and the new. It is minimalist but features a spacious soundscape filled with light and dark.

Fuga is a contemplative exploration through evolution and the acceptance our internal conflicts. As I don’t speak Portuguese and understand the lyrics, for me, it is a climactic song for which I can choose my own narrative. You can still glean from the emotive vocals and instrumentals, the wounded tones, that it is a deeply introspective piece. It speaks of travels across time, darkly sensual experiences. It speaks of passion. And it speaks of life.

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