PREMIERE: Anke Richards’ Fantasies – Dreamy Indie Pop on Missed Love

by Lucy Lerner

26th January, 2023

Opening with an ethereal soundscape and reflective piano, Fantasies, the new song from Anke Richards immediately envelops listeners into a dreamy ambience. Adding to the texture are the light synths that take on a cosmic twinkle and gentle vocals float gracefully until Anke’s sorrowful lyrics come into play. Here, she conveys heartache and regret with emotive delivery that flourishes as the artist’s melancholy comes alive.

Fantasies is a lo-fi-sounding indie pop track that captures a heavy wave of emotion as Richards reflects on what could have been with someone had they not missed out on a romantic opportunity. Despite only seeing each other three times, they got to know each other through late-night texts. Time passed but Richards still regrets what could have been and comes to the realisation they are no longer the same people or in the same place as when they first met, “I’m kicking myself cos I never kissed you, I don’t know if your lips do remember”.

The South African native told Neon Music exclusively about the song, “Missed opportunities in love can be the hardest to let go of, as we endlessly wonder ‘what might have been.’ ‘Fantasies’ is a song about grappling with that feeling and the temptation to romanticize the idea of a relationship, even when the reality is out of reach.”

Enjoy this intoxicating first release of 2023 from the talented Anke Richards.

Fantasies is out now.

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