Potentiam: Rewarding Music Artists & Fans Alike

by Trista Greeno

27th October, 2017

Potentiam is a stellar, new music network for aspiring musicians, music bloggers, and seekers with a taste for new tunes for their ear holes. Being the creators of the respectable music discovery site, BritznBeatz, the founders have put together a new platform which will allow artists to engage more in the music industry along with fans and bloggers alike. The vision is to shine a spotlight on rising music creatives and allow their work to be recognised by the rest of the world through the use of a peer-to-peer system, which will be promoted through the use of cryptocurrency. All members of Potentiam have dibs on the reward system as artists have access to crowdfunding.

A wonderful perk to this new platform for the supporters is the ability to listen to what you want to listen to. The algorithm put in place allows you to view the music you want and discard what isn’t your fancy. You will have the ability to connect with your favorite artists and support their journey of musical growth. The best part? You get to be rewarded for simply being a fan and engaging on the site.

As a writer myself for Britznbeatz, I am excited to see this new platform come to light for the exposure of undiscovered and often overlooked, talented artists. This is looking to be a game changer for those gaining their start in the music industry and for those who simply want to be involved whether you’re a blogger, fan or an investor. Potentiam will bring music creatives and fans together under one platform. All you need is curiosity, enthusiasm, and a set of headphones. Potentiam is coming to the world in 2018.

Potentiam PRE-ICO date is TBD

Potentiam’s incentives include:

Low rates
The lowest rates to receive momentum within a social media community and get maximum exposure and commitment.

Reward systems
All members earn monetary rewards in tokens for their commitment within the community. The feed algorithm gives each user the option to see what they want.

The platform allows the musical project of any user to be a reality, taking advantage of the power of a social network. As more fans support your project, you’ll get rewards in tokens.

Basically, even just by browsing, each user can get reward tokens on the platform by interacting with their favorite music in the possibilities that they will find.

Investor opportunities

Investors can take part and earn rewards of 30 percent of fees generated by the network.

For more details please contact Potentiam.

Details of the token sale
Potentiam is launching a public token sale to raise funds for the Potentiam project. The tokens will be called PTMs and will be attached to the new standard ERC20 token in the Ethereum main network.

PTM token details:
Token / Token – Used to buy goods, services and advertising space in Potentiam
Symbol – PTM
Maximum supply – 100,000,000
MTF Price – 1 PTM = USD 0.41
Minimum transaction amount – 0.04 ETH
Coin distribution – 4 weeks after Crowdsale closes.

For more details about the project you can see the White Paper, and about the crowd sale, dates and more details of participation, you can receive the information directly by subscribing to the Potentiam mailing list.

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