Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist PORTEOUS returns with his latest single ‘Angelo’. He has the knack for making a sombre song sound beautiful. Even though the lyrics are about the demise of a past  relationship it leaves a bittersweet feeling in your ears. You just want to bathe in the lyrics and no doubt this has the potential to turn into a breakup anthem.

The emotion in PORTEOUS’s vocals and lyrics are palpable.

I wish I could’ve said my last goodbyes
Listen to one song, just “You and I’
Every night I dream, you sleep with me
Eternity’s much shorter than it seems
And I can’t let myself just let you go
Although I’m gonna have to soon I know

The lyrics are so intense and relatable, the sound is soulful and classy – PORTEOUS is an incredible songwriter and this track will resonate deep with many listeners.

Set ‘Angelo’ on repeat, sit back and relax.