PELA’s You Got Me Is The Perfect Companion To Chilled Summer Days

by Lucy Lerner

9th May, 2020

PELA’s You Got Me is the perfect companion to chilled summer days. It’s as welcome as a tall, cool glass of lemonade after a long day in the sun. Cushioned by soft beats that fade in and out, gentle reverb, serene background noises, and light piano it is the epitome of mellow.

You Got Me is the South London duo’s debut single and what an impressive introduction. Hannah Coombes and Olly Shelton exude peace and serenity through a sound and song which the world needs right now.

“You Got Me is about accepting how you can never truly understand those rare senses of euphoria. It’s about finding peace, even pleasure, from just going with that. It represents that spring into summer feeling – of newness, of blooming and of freedom. Overall the song is about getting lost in a good time
with people, a person or just yourself.” – PELA

PELA has captured warmth in their debut, rather like the feel of the sun burning closed eyelids. It creates a spacious soundscape and a feeling of harmony. You Got Me is a beautiful song you must add to your summer playlist.

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