Paying Tolls By Cam Pendley Evokes Summer Bliss

by Marcus Adetola

21th June, 2020

Paying Tolls by Cam Pendley is a sumptuous bowl of R&B melodies with catchy and relatable lyrics. Cam’s sweet vocals float on ethereal harmonies emanating from the culmination of R&B type instrumentals on the song. The emotion on Paying Tolls permeates evokes warm feelings of bliss, attributed to summertime. However, it also encompasses feelings of nostalgia.

Summer may feel like the last thing anyone’s mind due to all that is going on presently in the world, but Paying Tolls brings back that memorable feeling of summer contentment.

“This song is a perfect drive around with your windows down, summer vibes tune. The term “paying tolls” is representative of the obligations and monotony of life and this song reminds us not to waste time but to make memories and live to the fullest”. – Cam Pendley

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