‘Part Of Life’ is A Deep Dive into KOPS’ Psyche

by Marcus Adetola

5th March, 2020

‘Part Of life’ is a deep dive into KOPS’ psyche. He is unafraid to explore and express is deep thoughts openly. Regardless of his failings, he holds himself to account. Very few people will have the nerve to look in the mirror and confront their demons.

I, Something’s creepin’ in my mind that I don’t like
I, Dirty thoughts and dreams keepin’ me up at night
I, But I couldn’t lie, I like what I like but I don’t feel alive
I, Closely keeping secrets’s just a part of life I,
I, Closely keeping secrets’s just a part of life

In ‘Part of Life’ KOPS sings about complex issues, but this fact will easily go unnoticed as the infectious rhythm and energetic production are so catchy. ‘Part of Life’ is an upbeat song with dark connotations attached to it. It’s about KOPS’ vulnerabilities and how he confronts them.

Multi-talented artist KOPS has an aptitude to tell darker stories creatively, eluding you to the somber nature. ‘Part of Life’ is an eclectic song which draws the listener in and doesn’t let go.

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