Oscar Stembridge Releases The Personal Single Am I The Only One

by Lucy Lerner

12th April, 2022

You would think raw and honest songs come from a wealth of experience, but 14-year-old Oscar Stembridge writes from the heart with themes we can all relate to. His recent single Am I The Only One, is an intimate and heartfelt song about feeling excluded, unique and alone. Oscar wrote the song with Swedish artists Kristofer Greczula and Isa Tengblad, who spurred him on to write about his own troublesome experiences.

Oscar says of his new release,“There are so many people around the world who feel lonely and excluded, and it is important that people know that they are not alone in feeling that way. We are not alone.”

Oscar is not only the youngest ever signed artist with Universal Music in Sweden, he is an instrumentalist who plays piano, drums, ukulele and his trademark guitar.

Am I The Only One is a beautiful song with emotive acoustics and of course Oscar’s haunting vocals that soar over a delicate melody and earnest lyrics.

“This is the most personal song that I have ever written. It is about a time when I was feeling very down, lonely and didn’t really know where to turn. Working with two friends, Kristofer Greczula and Isa Tengblad, who are Swedish artists in their own right gave me the confidence to write a song with such strong personal emotions. So many people feel alone and excluded and it’s so important that people know they are not alone in feeling this way. We are not the only ones.” – Oscar Stembridge

Am I The Only One is out now.

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