Nyne Shares A Unique Outlook On ‘Champagne Life’

by Marcus Adetola

28th February, 2020

Nyne’s single ‘Champagne Life’ offers a unique outlook on the typical assumption of what this lifestyle is. The RnB singer delivers her vocals effortlessly with a smooth and laidback tempo.  However, the lyrics tell a darker story of how one can get lost chasing a dream. And the deeper you go the harder it is to come back out.

The hook is catchy and memorable.

Mama can’t help me now, I’m way too high to come back down
Heaven can’t save me now, I’ve gone too far to turn back round.

Amongst the extravagances of the champagne lifestyle exists the darker seductive qualities that are easy to fall prey to.

Nyne’s themes within ‘Champagne Life’ offer a darker side to the norm but are unique and fresh.

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