Noak Hellsing’s Empty the Bags: A Dancefloor Seduction with a Dark Side

by Marcus Adetola

31st May, 2024

Noak Hellsing's Empty the Bags: A Dancefloor Seduction with a Dark Side

Noak Hellsing’s new single Empty the Bags isn’t just another disco revival track; it’s a rhythmic paradox, a dancefloor anthem tinged with an undercurrent of obsession.

This isn’t the feel-good, carefree disco of the 70s, as the lyrics tell a story of devotion that borders on the unsettling, a willingness to do anything for love, even rob a bank.

Noak Hellsing Empty the Bags song cover
Noak Hellsing Empty the Bags song cover

Noak Hellsing’s smooth vocals, switching effortlessly from soulful crooning to soaring falsetto, lure you into a false sense of security, while the thumping bassline and shimmering synths drive the track relentlessly forward.

The instrumentation is tight—a perfect marriage of retro charm and modern production.

The piano keys offer a delicate counterpoint to the funky bass and disco strings, creating a sonic landscape that’s both inviting and vaguely sinister.

Empty the Bags is a love song for the morally ambiguous, a dancefloor seduction with a dark side.

It’s a memorable song that leaves you questioning the nature of love and the lengths we’ll go to protect it.

Noak Hellsing’s willingness to embrace the shadows is what sets this song apart, turning a potentially cheesy disco tune into a captivating exploration of obsession and devotion.

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Noak Hellsing Empty the Bags Lyrics

The things that I would do for you, 

eyes shut
Take the car 
Hit the bank 
Empty the bags (loop)

The things that I would do for you

eyes shut
Take the car 
Hit The bank 
Empty the bags

Not a thing that I, that I wouldn’t do
to get a little bit of


Half of my heart’s
In your hands, 
So don’t go throwing that away now. 

We both know, 
life gets so hard, 
But it’s easier with you aroun’


This feelin’ now 
is personal 
if you give it all, 
I won’t let it go,
The Chemistry 
It makes me wanna – stay around


sweet escape
as we sway
as we drive through the Daylight 

Feel the breeze,
I don’t care where it takes us.


this feeling now is personal
if you give it all I won’t let it go
know every word sounds fictional

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