NISSI Ignites The Scene With Inspirational Afrobeats Anthem, HIGHER

by Marcus Adetola

19th June, 2023

NISSI Ignites the Scene with Inspirational Afrobeats Anthem, HIGHER

London-based Nigerian NISSI’s newest release, Higher, is a mesmerising rhythmic brew, a fascinating blend of Amapiano and Afrobeats. It is an enthralling medley of soulful sounds, infectious energy, and power-packed lyrics that serve as a heartening call to the human spirit.

Drawing her musical threads from a varied palette, NISSI artistically intertwines the raw, invigorating spirit of Afrobeats with the dreamy, percussive energy of Amapiano. The outcome? A rich tapestry of sound, robust in depth, and teeming with lyrical and musical nuances, acting as the perfect backdrop to her vibrant lyrics.

Higher is an anthem of resilience and undying determination. NISSI articulates, “This song is a song of strength to celebrate the human spirit, an anthem for anyone who has ever dared to dream and pushed beyond their limits.” The inspiration is woven into every syllable, every beat. The song becomes a rallying cry, one that challenges its listeners to rise, break through barriers, and reach ever higher.

The lyrics, imbued with gritty determination and spirited celebration, encourage listeners to find their strength, rhythm, and unique dance. The choruses bring forth images of physical freedom and release, dancing without inhibition. The repeating “higher higher” acts as a mantra, urging the listener to light up their mood, to move with mastery, and to salute themselves as the commander of their destiny.

Nissi’s resolute and melodic vocals stand out as they float effortlessly through the rhythm, just like her message. 

In a nutshell, Higher is a sonic experience that taps into the depths of human potential. It resonates with listeners, pulling them into a dance of empowerment and joy to dream and ascend beyond the known.

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