Nigerian Artist O’tea Drops The Intimate G.Y.S.T (Give You Something)

by Marcus Adetola

27th August, 2020

Nigerian artist O’tea drops the intimate G.Y.S.T (Give You Something). He drops sultry verses on the sweet intoxicating harmonies that flow seductively on the mix of eclectic instrumentals. It sets the tone and mood for an intimate rendezvous. The sound is well blended and creates a vibe that sends tingles down your spine. The track burns with passion and the lyrics will melt borders like candle wax.

O’tea sings in English and his native language Yoruba, and the fusion creates a unique feel. There is no question of what O’tea is alluding to on G.Y.S.T (Give You Something), and he stands a good chance with the vocals on this track.

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