Nickie Minshall Releases Her Atmospheric Debut Watch Your StepNickie Minshall releases her atmospheric debut Watch Your Step that builds up from an organ backdrop to rolling drums. The song is comforting with uplifting tones. And there is a soft strength to Minshall’s vocals as she sings about needing a change.

Bout time I set fire to this forest where I live
Thought with time would come a change but I guess it never did
Caught in a web that always ends where it begins
It’s not a circle but a mess, it’s always more and never less

After half a decade with indie-rock band UKAE, Nickie is cultivating her solo sound. Her debut feels like the start of a new journey for the young artist and a safe haven for us listeners.

Nickie Minshall plans to release 2 more singles this summer and hopefully her debut solo show in her home-city of Toronto this Autumn.  A lyric video for Watch Your Step will be released soon.