Never Be The Same Is An Enthralling Introduction To Jaydi Zavala

by Lucy Lerner

23rd April, 2021

With her distinctive vocals and a sultry tone, Jaydi Zavala hits the spot with her latest single never be the same. An inspiring song, it is about realising you’re not getting back what you are putting into a relationship and new friendships can be more fulfilling.

Jaydi told Neon Music exclusively, “I got the inspiration to write “never be the same” when I started to realize and accept that a relationship I was putting a lot of energy into wasn’t being reciprocated. I didn’t want to spend any time mourning the lost relationship, instead, I embraced the new exciting and fulfilling relationships I found while I was being blown off. Overall I wanted the listener to feel empowered and confident in themselves, even at a time when someone they love is leaving their life.”

Jaydi Zavala found a love for music at an early age and produces all of her music in her bedroom in Studio City, California. Her new single never be the same is one of those songs you sink into like a warm, scented bubble bath, but it will creep into your mind later on. With a dreamy soundscape, catchy hook and compelling sound, never be the same is an enthralling introduction to this talented rising artist.

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