Neon BLK entices with FREEFALL

by Lucy Lerner

20th November, 2021

Neon BLK entices with FREEFALL which is taken from his latest EP SNEAKY GEMS. He lays expressive vocals on an atmospheric electronic bed in this slinky, genre-bending track. The Houston, TX artist and trombone player counts hip-hop, soca, reggae, house, jazz and trip-hop as some of his many musical influences.

“This song came from a recent experience with a celebrity earlier this year. We had a week-long fling and were feeling each other but he wanted something way more after only a week, and I told him I wanted to take things slow. I didn’t want to be impulsive like I would’ve in the past. He took that as me playing with his feelings and cut me off. I further realized I’m not ready for another relationship at all and shouldn’t force myself to be out of consideration of the other person.” – Neon BLK

Neon BLK is one to watch with his intriguing, forward-thinking sound and real-life narrative.

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