Nate Le Delves Into His Vulnerabilities On Seul

by Marcus Adetola

5th April, 2020

Nate Le delves into his vulnerabilities on Seul. With haunting instrumentals that resonate and fan Nate’s poignant lyrics, Nate Le narrates dark propensities in his life due to his questionable upbringing. Seul features bittersweet embellishments with a seductive melody which is pinned on dark undertones.

I know this life is never safe and I’m not someone you could save.
In my back I keep a blade.
I pray to God to keep my brave because I could never die afraid.
So why haven’t I found you?

When bad habits surround you?
You’re screaming out but its soundproof.
Now I have to let you go.

The emotion is real – it swirls in Nate’s voice, anchored to the loneliness that needs to be filled. However, there is optimism in his voice backed by the idea of his music career progressing. Seul emits a visceral sensation and my only negative is that it came to an end.

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