Molly Hammar Gets Feisty On Douchebag

by Marcus Adetola

12th February, 2021

Molly Hammar gets feisty on Douchebag. She weaves catchy vocals on the R&B-influenced instrumentals creating a party track. The song is also peppered with infectious lush moments.

Douchebag shines with anthemic qualities people will find relatable.
It’s not an anti-love song, but the emancipation of getting and staying out of a bad relationship.

“‘Douchebag’’is the most honest song I’ve ever written. We wrote it in one day and the majority of the vocals are recorded that same day. I basically went straight from the club to the studio, very hungover but mostly fed-up with meeting men that behave like douchebags.

You do not want to get on the wrong side of Molly Hammar as the payback is a bitch. Douchebag part 2? Yeah, why not. Another banger in the making.

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