Midnight (Acoustic) Is An Unforgettable Release From Curtis Walsh

by Marcus Adetola

12th June, 2022

Become the bright light for others when their world becomes dark.

The single Midnight by Curtis Walsh captures this saying vividly with compassionate vocals that reverberate on the backdrop of gentle piano instrumentals. It is a reassuring and inspirational song that exudes emotion and wamrth with an unforgettable chorus. The Acoustic version of Midnight highlights the delicate instrumentals and raw vocals. 

“Midnight was written about being there for a loved one in dark times. Funny how it seems to be during the middle of the night when they feel most vulnerable and open to expressing what’s on their mind. The song is ultimately about how you intend to always be there for them during those rough nights.” – Curtis Walsh

Midnight (Acoustic) is out now.

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