Melkior And Rachad Resurrect ’90s R&B In I Like It

by Marcus Adetola

9th September, 2023

Melkior and Rachad Resurrect '90s R&B in I Like It

Ah, the ’90s. A decade when R&B wasn’t just a genre but a cultural touchstone. The era of smooth grooves, sultry vocals, and lyrics that could make you feel like you were floating on a cloud of love. If you’ve been missing that golden age of music, then brace yourselves. Melkior, the Sicilian-born R&B sensation, has teamed up with Canadian artist Rachad to deliver a scintillating new single, I Like It. It’s a sonic time machine back to those days. However, don’t get it twisted; this isn’t just a nostalgia trip. It’s a modern reimagining that infuses contemporary vibes into a classic formula.

Melkior describes the track as an “ode to the ’90s,” and it’s easy to see why. The song is a lush tapestry of influences, from the Carlos Santana-esque guitar riffs to the samba precision in its percussion. Produced by Chunkyluv, the beat is a heady mix of ’90s melodies and modern drum lines that make it both a throwback and a fresh hit. It’s “smooth, sexy, and yet upbeat,” according to Melkior, and we couldn’t agree more.

Melkior and Rachad’s vocals are the cherries on this delicious sundae. Their voices effortlessly glide over the melody, creating an almost hypnotic experience. Melkior’s verses are a blend of romantic yearning and confident swagger, while Rachad adds an extra layer of emotional complexity in the third verse. Their harmonies are so seamless that you’d think they’ve been singing together for years.

The lyrics capture an emotionally nuanced story. From the opening lines, “You make me wanna be more than your lover,” to the hook’s catchy “And I like it, I like it,” the song explores the complexities of love, desire, and the eternal quest for connection. It’s a narrative that’s as old as time but told with a freshness that makes it feel entirely new.

The lines are a blend of vulnerability and assertiveness, capturing the essence of modern love and the struggles that come with it.

With I Like It, Melkior and Rachad have managed to create a track that’s both a loving homage and a bold step forward. So whether you’re a ’90s baby or a Gen Z’er discovering R&B for the first time, this is one track that’s sure to make you say, I like it. And quite frankly, we love it.

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