Meet Me in Orbit Drops Their Latest Single Letters

by Marcus Adetola

8th June, 2020

Meet Me in Orbit drops their latest single Letters, a dark tale of nostalgia and regret. The electronic instrumentals on this track work in-hand with the mellow vocals to evoke the emotions the lyrics convey. There is a feeling of being captured in a time loop. And finding it difficult to move forward in your endeavors. However, something is endearing about the song that gets you hooked. Other than the glorious synths and textures present, the honesty of the track is highly relatable.

 “We wrote this song at the end of a hard year, where we were both balancing 9 to 5 jobs with writing, managing, and growing Meet Me in Orbit on our own,” the duo explains. “‘Letters’ is an intimate and honest song, spilling over with glossy synths and textures–it’s also one of our favorites.”

Meet Me in Orbit

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