‘Me & You Together Song’ by The 1975: We Are Not Alone

by Silvia Pellegrino

22th January, 2020

Sometimes there are songs that are louder than books, some others are louder than breaths, some others speak for themselves and the artist who creates them. ‘Me & You Together Song’ by The 1975 is all of the above.

With thrilling and enthralling guitar riffs in the background, which are reminiscent of the band’s old days, the song carries a melancholic shadow throughout. With lyrics such as “I had a dream we had kids” and “I’ve been in love with her for ages” it embodies a young Matty Healy, who tells his story 20 years later.

I think the story needs more pages.

The artist’s struggles and mind is clear like a mirror in the lyricisms, which contrast – as it often happens in The 1975’s songs – with the bubbly and eclectic instrumental. The drums accompany the melody supporting the rhythm and also the listener. This song feels like a warm hug. Everyone has struggles. But it’s okay because no one is alone.

I fell in love with her in stages, my whole life.

The romance of the story gets lost in Healy’s extravagant persona, who tells it with such ease and lightness it feels comforting. Like a teenage dream.
The melodies, the sounds, the harmonies are gorgeous. It is a real throwback in The 1975 history and in all of our histories. The 1975 have gone from screaming with anger in ‘People’ to feeling the need to tell their story in such a lovely and cathartic way.

I’m sorry that I’m kinda queer, it’s not as weird as it appears.

Once again The 1975 has proven to not be afraid to show themselves as humanly vulnerable. And I’m not using “humanly” randomly. This song lifts the quality of the album, and it lifts everyone too, to a whole other dimension, one where it’s okay to be who we are, one where insecurity is okay, one where we are all okay.

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