Maude Latour Drops Breakup Anthem Clean

by Lucy Lerner

30th August, 2021

Maude Latour Drops Breakup Anthem Clean

It’s that time of the year when it feels good to have a do-over. Whether it’s a new school term, a new season, or just a fresh start. Maude Latour caters to all of these feelings by dropping the catchy new break-up anthem Clean. From the get-go, the song grabs you with a shimmering indie-pop melody, unique vocals, relatable lyrics and a fun music video to match. 

ok my room is such a mess 
but I swear I tried my best 
just to clear my head 
while my life’s blowin up 
I think I heard it from your friends 
You found someone new 
They say she’s so great for you

The alt-pop artist from New York appeals to listeners looking for something a bit different, those trying to get over a failed romance, or wanting a clean slate with life in general.

Maude Latour wrote the song two years ago and admits she has changed so much during that time.

“My fans have been begging for it to come out so I finally concluded it had to happen. I’ve made so many different versions of it, I can’t believe it’s going to be in the world. I first wrote it when I was 19, now I’m 21. The difference between those two ages feels paradigmatic. I have grown and changed and learned so much in these past two years— let alone an entire earth-bending pandemic. I decided if I was still going to put this song out and fulfill my fans’ desires, I would need to re-record it, re-make it, and re-explore the clean world. I didn’t change the lyrics, but wow, remaking this song as a 21-year-old and pushing the arrangement and instrumentation and vocal performance to convey what this song is to me now was one of my most challenging and fulfilling experiences as an artist so far.”

Once you hear it, we defy you to get Clean out of your head. Maude Latour, we salute you with this gem of a song and we look forward to more. 

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