Mary’s Lies Is A Stylish Cocktail From Lou Berry x Eylia

by Lucy Lerner

7th May, 2020

Mary’s Lies is a stylish cocktail of Jazz and Nu-Soul from Lou Berry. Soul artist Eylia lends her whiskey-soaked vocals to the lush and soulful song which is as sultry as a hot summer’s night.

Lou Berry is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, and Mary’s Lies is his first release since his 2016 EP Blue Sky. And boy, does he give his listeners what they have been missing for the last 4 years. An elegant and warm song that is fluid in its smooth instrumentals and duet style vocals.

Mary’s Lies can not just be appreciated for the feel and style of it as there is also an interesting narrative:

Mary’s Lies’ is a song about addiction. It tells the story of a man who smokes weed to join an ex-lover in a delusional world created by vapour trails and hallucinations. Mary is a memory of love etched in the brain of a man who made wrong decisions in the past, and can’t stand his reality anymore. The song builds a world divided between fictional convenience and the toughness of reality.” – Lou Berry

There is a melancholic groove permeating through Mary’s Lies. Lou Berry and Eylia complement each other’s vocal style with a genuine soulfulness.

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