Mamii Drops Intimate

by Marcus Adetola

11th June, 2022

What is intimacy in a casual relationship? The RnB-laden single Intimate by Mamii clearly defines it. The soulstress weaves sweet candid vocals that are heartfelt, and it sublimely blends into the atmospheric and eclectic soundscape. It ushers you into a space longing with excitement and vulnerability. As the song progresses, the feelings of emotional closeness build, eventually leading to an anti-climactic end. It makes sense, summing up an intimate and yet casual relationship. Intimate certainly shimmers in every area, both sonically and lyrically.

“This song is about getting to know a person and watching your relationship with them grow closer and closer. I wanted the video to feel vulnerable and as intimate as the lyrics…minimal but still very beautiful.” – Mamii

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