Madisyn Gifford’s Seventeen: Reliving Crush-Induced Chaos at Any Age

by Marcus Adetola

9th July, 2024

Madisyn Gifford's Seventeen: Reliving Crush-Induced Chaos at Any Age

Madisyn Gifford’s Seventeen is a delightful romp through the awkward, heart-fluttering realm of adult crushes.

This folk-pop confection serves up a hefty dose of nostalgia, wrapped in a catchy melody that’ll have you tapping your toes and cringing at your own memories.

Madisyn Gifford Seventeen song cover
Madisyn Gifford Seventeen song cover

Madisyn Gifford’s vocals dance between vulnerability and playful self-awareness, painting a vivid picture of that all-too-familiar feeling: wanting to poke your crush and run away, even when you’re old enough to know better.

It’s like middle school all over again, but with better hair and a driver’s license.

The track’s folk-tinged sound marks a departure from Madisyn Gifford’s previous pop offerings, proving she’s not afraid to colour outside the lines.

This musical evolution feels as natural as the butterflies in your stomach when your crush walks by.

Lyrically, Seventeen is a treasure trove of relatable moments. From dreaming about kisses to blushing at teasing remarks, Madisyn Gifford captures the essence of crush-induced regression with pinpoint accuracy.

It’s enough to make you want to pass a note asking, “Do you like me? Check yes or no.”

The song’s bridge offers a moment of vulnerability, with Madisyn Gifford admitting to pushing people away until loneliness sets in.

It’s a stark contrast to the playful tone of the verses, adding depth to the track’s emotional landscape.

Seventeen is more than just a trip down memory lane. It’s a reminder that no matter how old we get, love can still make us feel like awkward teenagers.

Madisyn Gifford’s Seventeen hits close to home, reminding us that even as adults, we’re not immune to those giddy, nerve-wracking feelings.

Next time you catch yourself daydreaming about that special someone, remember: you’re in good company. Just try not to spill your coffee when they walk by.

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Madisyn Gifford Seventeen Lyrics

Verse 1
Didn’t think that that was what was waiting for me
But then I kissed you in my dream and woke up sorry
To be alive, every day the same old story
And boy, you’re annoying
And I’m predictable as ever falling for it
Poking fun at me until I blushed, dear God it’s
Just like me to get this childish when I’m falling

I’ll be the first to run, you best believe
Picked that trait up around


Verse 2
Like a horror story
I’ve got ghost of breakups past all coming for me
Yelling lies from every side, it’s getting gory
Up in my mind while you just stand there smiling towards me

“I won’t let you run”, you said to me
I wear my heart on my face, not my sleeve
And I’m scared I might be falling deep
Picked that fear up around



Verse 3
It was getting boring
Pushing everyone away until I’m lonely
Then you walked right up and saw right through my stories
Territories, uncharted in my mental map
“I’m sorry, I’m annoying”
I say and you just laugh at me
A heartbreak junkie overthinking everything until I’m sinking
Simple, solid, man, you make me crazier than I can take
You say, “I’ve seen worse, babe, I can take it”

It’s like I’m seventeen

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